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Nurse Janet at HTC is evil in nature and don't care to get you fired for false claims.

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For sure

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Is she hot!

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Mr. Bubz

Bobbie sounds like the kinda person that smells like hotdog water lol

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Gay Fred


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Putt blug

This is three years old and not a soum had been on here since but I have to disagree with you Janet has been nothing but a sweetheart to me.

Now dee on the other hand.

I don't know how she does it...but the bitch steals about 15% of each quart jug of it and replaces it with water.

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Allison Jameson

Sandy Anderson is causing trouble with the lady niece she cleans all the time. She has made the girl made enough to where she has thought about having her court about making lie on her. She tried to start that would throw her aunt the steps. No one can ever get along with Sandy. Her husband wanted trouble so he looked around the storage room. He told that the weed killer was not in basement when it was plain sight. I wish that Sandy stop making lies in her neice and causing trouble. People need tell Tim and Sandy Anderson that girl was taken to court for lying on her cousin. Her cousin lied in court on the girl about him threatened shoot her. it ce in court in on July 3rd 2019 and the judge wilhoit said he believed her. It ruin the judge wilhoit. Pathways in Ashland KY never turned it so would quote for Eastern State. The girl house would have been mansion if the court would have done something about her cousin threatened shoot
Her. People need to explain them her mom need to whatever it took to her cousin away. It tells the Anderson how the girl lies on people to hid how her cousin acted. Her cousin made trash out the girl because he couldn't take blunt. They knew her dad told bizzar lies on they blame for telling cause court wouldn't do much to her telling bizzar lies on her people her dad on people. They blame cause they would only put rest home and they put her in group home. They want to the Anderson how the girl lies on people to hid how the her cousin acted. The y will help put the girl away. Everyone needs to talk how her cousin acted. The girl deserves a public apology from the Carter county Court system. The poor girl brother brain cancer might be caused by her stupid cousin putting a gun to brother head. They been told how the girl was terroristically threaten her cousin but they were complaining how her cousin had terroristically threaten her. The girl will try to explain what happened he will only smart off or he will say watch her try to butt in. Or change subject. The girl had home in Carter county but Sandy Anderson put her long noise in how involved how she can't afford it.
She don't like the girl runs down screaming how she hates the girl. It ruined judge wilhoit credibility when he said I believe you. His dad was a federal judge in Ashland KY. People has been told the girl don't know how the truth when the girl does how the truth. The truth is not in cousin. His dad even told the girl you expect him he not going to the blunt. The girl has gotten tried of Tim jumping all over the the girls. He need to be told to stop pick on the girl to her away and getting involved in anyway. He has smart off to girl she don't why acts. Her cousin excuse for telling bizzar is to big and Carter county Court former county attorney said it to big and give the excuse for him for telling the lies on people. Her cousin has mental break around the girl and brother. Instead of talk about how the girl they need to talk about how judge wilhoit let her cousin acted lied. Anyone who makes any remark about the lies it will consider making false to false imprisonment the the girl. Not pay attention to Tim and Sandy Anderson when the woman niece it bunch to the girl away. They need to be he made her cousin wanted someone to lie under how he acted. Pathways vhas made ever excuse not to turn it the police. Sandy Anderson looks around ways to how to cause the problem to help get ride the poor girl. They have been ram page to help her and make lies up. The lying on this girl is over they need to how mean her was in Grayson Kentucky her cousin was in the town. They were running the girl out the town for like how he acted. Boy does judge wilhoit let lie to put away.

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